AlgoScout: Your Trading Companion on the Algorand Blockchain

A Telegram bot that sends out notifications related to major liquidity events for ASA and much more.

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AlgoScout Features

AlgoScout includes both basic features available to everyone and premium features that are reserved to token holders and monthly subscribers.

Free features are available in our Telegram Discussion Group and Telegram channel (no chat, notifications only).

Liquidity Events

Detect when an asset becomes available to trade on Tinyman/AlgoFi and when large portion of liquidity is added or removed from the pool (rugpull detection)

Verified Assets

Get notified when assets are verified by Algorand Inc.


Automatically maintain a list of blacklisted creator addresses to better identify potential scams


Active Telegam discussion groups are available to share data and information on new ASA projects

Premium Features

AlgoScout advanced capabilities

Advanced features are reserved to SCOUT (569120128) token holders and monthly subscribers. These include:

Faster Notifications

SCOUT holders get almost instant notifications when a new event is detected

Price Action

Get notified when large price changes are detected for any ASA (subscription required).

Large Buy/Sell

Receive a message when large portion of liquidity is purchased/sold

Whale Watching

Track movements of large wallets to potentially anticipate market movements

NEW! Private bot commands! You can start a Telegram chat with AlgoScoutBot and use "/list" to get a list of available commands, including price charts, wallet value, top gainers/losers over a specific timeframe, check if a wallet is blacklisted and more! Bot commands require credits, where 1 SCOUT = 1 CREDIT. Current cost of each bot command is 50 credits. Credits can be purchased using the "/start" menu with the bot.

Premium Plans

There are 3 different premium tiers with different requirements. Highest tier is reserved to holders and grant access to every AlgoScout feature, while the other tiers are for monthly subscribers only. 15% of all SCOUT received from subscriptions is burned.


  • 25,000 SCOUT (30 days)
  • Access to premium channels
  • Includes faster notifications, liquidity events, large buy/sell, whale watching, AlgoStake/TinyLock integrations

Premium Plus

  • 50,000 SCOUT (30 days)
  • Includes all Premium features
  • Access to PREMIUM PLUS channel: Premium notifications + price action and new pools
  • Access to VERIFIED: all premium notifications, only for assets verified by Algorand

VIP (holders)

  • Hold 1.2M SCOUT or 30k LP tokens (SCOUT/ALGO, SCOUT/gALGO)
  • Includes all Premium Plus features plus NFT notifications!
  • Exclusive Access to Lounge discussion group


AlgoScout features are only available in the Telegram groups and channels linked in the "Features" section. To get access to premium features, please refer to the "Plans" section.
SCOUT token is now available for purchase on Tinyman
You can get in contact with one of the admins of the Telegram groups.
AlgoScout is only available on Telegram, there are no current plans to release a Discord version.
NO. AlgoScout provides additional data so that you can make an informed decision when buying and selling ASA. 99% of new tokens released are scams. Please do your own research, not financial advice.
We keep working on adding new features (bot commands, price history, ...) and integrating more services.